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Is deafness cutting you off from your loved ones?

Is deafness cutting you off from your loved ones?

“Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people.”
-Helen Keller


Don’t be cut off from the people you love.

Hearing loss is losing moments with your loved ones. Losing conversations, losing interactions, losing words, and losing the relationship. Missing out on communication can have many negative effects on you and the people near and dear to your heart.

Negative effects of untreated hearing loss:


Many people who suffer from hearing loss experience embarrassment at having to ask for things to be repeated, and to admit they have missed pieces of conversation.


Hearing loss can cause frustration for those affected, and those around them. Not being able to hear, missing parts of conversation, and asking for people to repeat themselves can become annoying. Those close to someone with hearing loss can also become irritated at having to repeat themselves and with their loved ones constantly missing parts of conversations.

Lowered Self-Confidence

Not being able to keep up and join in on conversations and activities requiring hearing of any sound elements can cause lowered self-confidence.


Low self-confidence from not being able to join in on social activities can cause anxiety for those with hearing loss. Experiencing feelings of embarrassment, frustration, and lowered self-confidence in social situations can cause those with hearing loss anxiety of trying to keep up in conversations and social interactions.


Not being able to hear and join in the conversation can cause feelings of embarrassment, shame, frustration, lowered self-confidence, and anxiety, which can all cause withdrawal from social activities and interactions.

Decrease in shared activities

This isolation will result in the decrease of shared activities with your loved ones, such as watching tv, and even general conversation and spending quality time together.

Decrease in communication

All of the emotions caused by hearing loss, experienced both by the affected and their loved ones, will result in a decrease in communication. Those with hearing loss will engage in communicating less frequently due to their emotions, and their loved ones will communicate less frequently knowing that the interaction is a struggle and not always efficient.


These emotions and isolation experienced by those with hearing loss can cause loneliness in being separated from loved ones; as they are missing out on communication and shared experiences and activities.


All of these emotions, the isolation, and loneliness felt by those with hearing loss can ultimately lead to feelings of depression.

Communication difficulties

Hearing loss causes obvious communication difficulties for those affected and their loved ones. Those affected will have difficulty receiving messages and communication, and their loved ones experience struggles in getting their message to the one suffering from hearing loss.


Difficulties in communication as a result of hearing loss can cause resentment on both sides. Those suffering hearing loss can resent that they are missing out on conversations and experiences, and their loved ones can harbor resentment that their messages are not being heard.


If you are experiencing hearing loss, don’t let it affect you and the ones you love. Call 903-592-3666 and schedule an appointment today with SoundLogic to have your hearing tested and have a plan to keep your loved ones close.

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