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Giving the Gift of You

Giving the Gift of You

With passing of the Christmas season, many gifts have been given and received. One gift that often isn’t thought of, is the gift of you! In a day and age with hustle and bustle, busy schedules, work, play, and social media, just being present can be one of the biggest gifts. But, if you are having difficulty hearing, are you as present as you’d like to be?

Hearing loss is losing moments with your loved ones. Losing conversations, losing interactions, losing words, and losing the relationship. If you are experiencing difficulty hearing, consider starting the new year by giving the gift of you.

Addressing your hearing loss can give you your life back-and give you back to your loved ones. A simple hearing test is the first step to diagnosing your hearing problems. A comprehensive hearing test takes about 30 minutes and covers four components: questions about your hearing and general health, a look at your ear canal, an eardrum test, and a test of your hearing.

Our SoundLogic team can schedule your hearing test, and then advise you on what to do next for your hearing health. There are different types of hearing devices, based upon the type and severity of hearing loss you experience. Your audiologist will help you choose the hearing device that is correct for you.

This new year, give the gift of you-if you are experiencing a disconnect from your friends and family due to hearing loss, contact SoundLogic today to have our team schedule an appointment. If a hearing device is right for you, you can give the gift of you with our Oticon special on select hearing devices.