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Living with Hearing Loss

Living with Hearing Loss

Affecting 48 million Americans, hearing loss is a very common health issue. According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, it is the third most common physical condition after arthritis and heart disease.

Missing out on communication because of hearing loss can have many negative effects. Embarrassment, frustration, lowered self-confidence, anxiety, isolation, decrease in shared activities, loneliness, depression, and resentment can all stem from the loss of connection due to hearing loss

Living with hearing loss all depends on effective communication. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association shares some communication strategies to help living with hearing loss:

  1. Clear speech
    • Ask speaker to precisely and accurately express words and sentences
  2. Anticipatory strategies
    • Prepare for situations in advance so that you are familiar with topic of conversation and have a point of reference to help fill in the gaps of any missed words or sentences.
      • Be aware of current events
      • Obtain meeting agendas in advance
      • Read reviews or synopses of plays or movies before attending
      • Ask what the topic of conversation is
      • Review names of party guests before arriving
  1. Repair strategies
    • Request for repetition-Please repeat what you said.
    • Request for rephrasing-Please tell me in a different way.
    • Request for confirmation-The T.V. in the living room is broken?
    • Request for specification-Which T.V. is broken?
    • Change/modify environment.
    • Ask the speaker to get your attention.
    • Ask the speaker to face you when speaking.
    • Ask for the topic or key word.
    • Ask to spell out a word.
    • Ask the speaker to use gestures.
    • Ask to write it down.
  2. Dealing with the expectations of others
    • Share examples
    • Suggest ways that speakers can assist you
    • Share strategies that work best

Living with hearing loss can be difficult. With treatment, and with proactive strategies for communicating in social situations, you can work to lessen the negative effects of hearing loss. If you are experiencing hearing loss, make an appointment with an audiologist today and begin working towards living with hearing loss.