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World Hearing Day

World Hearing Day

World Hearing Day on March 3rd opens the platform on hearing well and the impact this has on your overall wellness.

The first step to monitoring and addressing your hearing health is to have a hearing test just as you would an annual physical. It actually takes less time and is not intrusive.

Having your hearing checked should be routine, and an annual check is recommended if you are over the age of 60, work in noisy conditions, or are frequently exposed to loud noises and environments.

The hearing test itself is a simple 20 minute test and you will have your results before you go home. Most comprehensive hearing tests include a minimum of four basic components:

  1. Questions about your hearing and general health

It’s important to understand any issues that can affect your hearing, such as genetic factors or other medical conditions like ear infections, allergies, or past head traumas.

  1. An otoscopic exam

This involves a look at your ear canal and eardrum with a special magnifying light called an otoscope while you are seated.

  1. Tympanometry

This is a test that evaluates the function of the eardrum and middle ear.  You will hear a tone and feel a little pressure but you will not have to actually do anything for this test.

  1. A pure tone test

This is the part most people think of when they think of a hearing test. A series of sounds will be played for you while you are seated in a sound treated booth with specially designed headphones. The hearing care professional will communicate with you through the headphones to determine if you have hearing loss and what type.

Call our SoundLogic team today to schedule your hearing test and take the first step on your hearing healthcare journey!